cityboys bio

CityBoys is a perfect balance of entertainment & musicianship. Through our music we hope to impact & inspire all walks of life in a generous & POSITIVE manner. 

Growing up in the city of Honolulu Hawaii, golden oldies to hip hop and r&b was just as important to us as reggae & culture based music. Bringing these awesome worlds together in perfect harmony is our foundation to making CityBoys what it is today. 

As CityBoys, our motto here is to LIVE LOVE & SERVE not only through our music but through our actions here on this earth. Be well & remember to keep it BLESSED!! 

Peace, LOVE & Aloooooohaaa!!!


My name is Puka Tatupu & i am from Honolulu, Hawaii! i am 32 years of age & i work for the State of Hawaii at McKinley high school as a school security attendant. Music has always been a blessing in my life growing up in Lanakila housing. From listening to whatever was on the radio to having a blast at family parties or at church singing for the almighty!! It’s surely a blessing now!! My goal on this music journey is to inspire others in the same way!! our motto here at CityBoysMusic is to “Live Love & Serve” LIVE your life to the fullest, spread LOVE because its the only way to be to SERVE others!! Because when you are in service of your fellow men, you are in the service of the LORD. Y’all take care now & be easy!! BLESS!!


My name is Ulima “Brandon” Luamanu but my friends call me Majik (magic). I’m a full samoan born and raised on the south side of oahu. Ive attended and graduated from McKinley High School where i met my high school sweetheart. My favorite pastime is watching my favorite football team the USC Trojans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when i have the chance. On this musical journey i hope to inspire people to be who they are and never be afraid to do that.

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My name is Salesi Fifita-Atkins. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Prior to Cityboysmusic, I worked a Federal job for about 10 years until I quit in April, 2017 to do music full time. I’m very fortunate to have been able to walk away from that job and pursue music with people I consider family. Majik, Puka and I are all graduates of McKinley High school and have been singing with each other for as long as I can remember. It’s awesome that we’re all still together, working towards a dream of making music our life. It definitely wouldn’t be the same without these guys. Epic shoutout to Abel Werner, my family, friends and the people who continually show us love and support. Live. Love. Serve.